A fun photography Experience for Couples

We care about the quality of the images we provide for you and the personalized experience at our studio. Our goal is to provide you with gorgeous portraits of you, your loved ones or any types of photographs in a fun and relaxing environment.

We have a long standing reputation as being a studio that offers both great images, but also an impeccable service. We are true professional photographers, in an established photography studio, with over 10 years of experience.

We will make you feel beautiful, and offer you magazine quality images that you will cherish for many years to come.

Here are some FAQ about our couple photography session

Q: When is the best time for teen photography sessions?

R: Any time! Pictures with teens can be done in studio or out of studio in different settings & seasons. It will be a fun experience that will make your personality stand.

Q: Do you travel to peoples homes or is it only in studio?

A: We offer both services. We custom built our studio to be as comfortable for you to make it a pleasant experience, but we also have full control on lighting and access to all our specialized equipment. But, we also love to go outdoors or to your home when possible (especially in the summer time), and get creative with our locations to provide you with original and unique images.

Q: How does the session unfold and how long is it?

A: We take the time necessary to provide you with gorgeous images of you and or your friends (it can be a party).

Q: Natural light studio?

A: We are one of  a few rare studios that was custom built for natural light photography. This means that our primary source of light comes from outside, through our windows and skylights, avoiding flashes or any artificial incandescent lights. The colors, skin tones, color of the eyes are much more vibrant for a much more softer feel for gorgeous images. We invite you check out our studio.

Q: Retouches? Extra fees?

A: We retouch every images at no extra costs, including imperfections, whitening the teeth, or any signs of fatigue under the eyes. We want to make sure that you will love yourself in the images.

Q: Can we bring our own accessories?

A: We are always happy to discuss any special requests or concepts that you may have or bring props that have significance to you. That being said, we want to make sure that we are the right fit for you and that our teen photography galleries reflect what you are looking for concerning style and quality. We have our own artistic vision and offer unique images that represent who we are, and do not reproduce or copy other photographers styles.

Q: Do you offer advise on what to wear? 

A: Yes. I personally gets in touch with you before the session to offer her advice on clothing and also to explain how the session will unfold, and also give you some great tips to optimize the time with us.

Q: I want to book a session with you! What is the next step?

A: Call us to book the session or to answer any questions that are left unanswered.

A typical teen photography session provide our clients between 15 to 30 unique images of different setups and poses to choose from. We offer a range of Collections that include high quality digital images, prints, enlargements, frames and other unique high quality boutique products.

We have a reputation for an outstanding service and firmly believe offering quality over quantity.

For detailed pricing, we personally share our packages details by phone only.


Teen photography

For more specific questions or for a quicker response, please phone us: 450-279-1123 or toll free: 1-877-644-0458

Stephanie LachanceTeenagers Professional photographer

Stephanie Lachance


I love creating beautiful photos for teenagers as it boost their confidence, which is often lacking in teenage years.