I am a photographer specializing in woman and baby portraits. I will make you feel beautiful and offer you magazine quality images that you will cherish for many years. Focusing on the quality of your images, not the quantity, is what I do. Using only natural light, I bring you luminous portraits of you and your family

Here are the most popular questions about maternity photography sessions

Q: When is the best time for maternity photography sessions?

A: The ideal time is between 30 to 36 weeks of pregnancy. Your belly will show and you will not be too swollen. It's also a good time in case the baby arrives prematurely, missing the opportunity to have belly pictures

Q: Do you travel to people's home or is it only in the studio?

A:Both services are offered. The studio was custom built to be as comfortable for you, but I also have full control of the lighting. Going outdoors or to your home when possible and getting creative and providing you with unique images is something that I also love to do

Q: How long is the session?

A: I take the necessary time to provide you with gorgeous images of you, your partner and also of your kids. Family/maternity sessions last about 1hr for a variety of poses

Q: Natural light studio?

A:The studio was custom built for using natural light photography only. This means that the primary source of light comes from outside, through our windows and skylights, avoiding flashes or any artificial lights. The colors, skin tones are much more vibrant and a more softer feel for gorgeous images

Q: Retouches? Extra fees?

A:Every image will be retouched and edited at no extra costs. I also do image enhancement to give a magical feel to them

Q: Do you offer advise on what to wear? 

A:Yes. I will personally get in touch with you before the session to offer my advice on clothing and what to do before the session

For more details or to book your maternity photo session, call me at: 450-279-1123 or toll free: 1-877-644-0458

Stephanie LachanceMaternity Professional Photographer

Maternity is a magical period, which must be immortalized with the quality this unforgettable moment deserves. I specialize in woman and baby portraits and I want your experience to be pleasant and your session to be personalized.  I know what beauty looks like and I will direct you through your maternity photo session and my goal is to create for you the most beautiful images you have ever seen of yourself, because I believe every woman deserves that. Exist in photographs, one day, they will become priceless. There is nothing more precious than a printed photograph of you and your family