Newborn - Nouveau né I photographed hundreds of newborn and I want your experience to be pleasant, personalized in a secure and intimate environment. I specialize in newborn portraits and focusing on the quality of your images, not the quantity, is what I offer. Using only natural light, I bring you luminous and magical newborn portraits. Lots of antique props and cute dresses are available here for you to choose from

Here are the most popular questions about our newborn photography sessions

Q: When is the best time to contact you to book a newborn session?

A: Ideally, before your due date. This allows me to pre-reserve an approximate date in my busy calendar and expect the call when our clients are back from the hospital. The most important is to get in touch with me as soon as possible, as I only photograph newborns that are between 5 to 15 days old

Q: Why is it within the first 15 days of life for newborn photography?

A: Newborns are more flexible within the first 15 days of life, but most importantly, they stay in a deep sleep. This allows me to place them within our accessories, and to handle them for the poses we want. After that lapse of time, newborns sleep a lot less, don't curl up as much and no longer fit in our various props. For best results, I prefer to do sessions between 5 to 10 days, but this can go to a max of 15 days. For premature babies, this can be stretched, but I recommend contacting me to discuss the possibilities

Q: My newborn is older than 15 days, can I still book a session?

A: If your baby was born prematurely, your window of opportunity goes above our recommended 15 days. You will have to contact me to discuss about the details. Otherwise, if this is not the case, you have unfortunately missed the opportunity and the next best moment will be 6 to 8 month baby pictures

Q: Do you travel to people's home or is it only in studio?

A: We custom built our studio to be as comfortable for you and your newborn to make it a pleasant experience, but also, I need to have full control on lighting, studio warmth and provide you with a great choice of props and backgrounds. I only offer newborn photography sessions in my studio. I promise that the studio is very comfortable and will make you feel right at home 🙂

Q: How long is the session?

A: I take necessary time to provide you with gorgeous images of your newborn baby and sessions last between 2 to 3 hrs. Newborn photography is a specialty and takes time and patience, because each baby participate at their own paste, giving them enough time to fall asleep and to breastfeed in a warm and cozy environment

Q: Can the parents be in the pictures?

A:Yes anyone including you, siblings or anyone else that is important to you can be in the pictures

Q: Natural light studio?

A:The studio was custom built for using natural light photography only. This means that the primary source of light comes from outside, through our windows and skylights, avoiding flashes or any artificial lights. The colors, skin tones are much more vibrant and a more softer feel for gorgeous images

Q: Retouches? Extra fees?

A:Every image will be retouched at no extra costs. I also do image enhancement to give a magical feel to them

Q: Do you offer advise on what to wear? 

A: Yes. I will personally get in touch with you before the session to offer my advice on clothing and what to do before the session

For more details or to book your newborn photo session, call me at: 450-279-1123 or toll free: 1-877-644-0458

Stephanie LachanceProfessional Newborn Photographer

Stephanie Lachance


 The birth of your baby is a magical event that should be immortalized with the details and the quality which this unforgettable moment deserves. I own a full service studio specialized in newborn and baby portraits. I believe photographs help families keep their history alive and give children a sense of the love their parents have for them. Exist in photographs, one day, they will become priceless. There is nothing more precious than a printed photo of you and your family